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 Pay 20% - use 100%
Coalition for GroupBuying®
  1. The goal of every member of CGB is to have the monthly achievement of nnnVouchers net value of €2.000 per each membership profile open and pay always 20% only (receive always 500% higher value!).
    • When you qualificated to use amount of your nnnVoucher 20/80, the achieved amount of equivalent of €2,000+ - will be divided into two equal halves, one of which will go to your "revolving account" and the other with the purchase of nnnVoucher for 20% only - so that you can use all 100% (500% more);
    • So, then you will be able to use nnnVoucher for FIVEFOLD (5/5) the value for your real money payment;
  2. Each and every member is allowed to open UNLIMITED number of profiles (there are some** exception) within an unlimited number of the same or different CGB programs;
  3. The designated maximum NET amount of €1.000 in a profile can be achieved by immediate member's payment of that amount. Alternative route is to start with smaller payment, and then gradually come to the amount of €1.000 using the achieved amounts in nnnVoucher (repayment method)


  1. The limit for monthly consumption for each enrolled profile in all CGB programs is €1.000.
  2. There are NO any limit in CGB programs with shares or other securities and with blockchain Tokens which are represent value of shares, precious metals, real estate and other real goods & services or businesses.
  3. All members can open as many profiles as they like in as many programs as they like.
  4. The nnnBasicIncome is the only CGB program that has a limit of one profile allowed per one family member and limit up to net €500
These  rules guarantee the benefit in fairness for all members according to their ability and position they have achieved. They also eliminate the need for complex „Rules and Procedures“.
The surplus profit of the entire system overflows and is redistributed to all members, entering at the lowest levels and working it's way up again.
That fact and many hundreds of available programs are the main differences between CGB system and world systems.


Achieved Transnational nnnVouchers® can be used permanently and lifelong for up to 80% REDUCED PAYMENTS intended for various products and services (see rules above).

Although the partial list of such tremendous savings already now covers just about 90% of the average consumer’s needs, it is constantly extended from time to time with new programs.

Just imagine…

Realization of value through OVERPLUS are calculated monthly or weekly, according to the given algorithm. The values are generated from the values obtained in the nnnVouchers in a given coalition, but also from rebates received from some suppliers of goods and services (from 1% up to 80%). HERE 


CGB member / Trann Club determines which tokens will accept, however, the received tokens can be changed for others according to his wish. This means that the achieved values in one program, the member can spend, at his will, in any CGB / Trannn Club program.

Due to multitude of the programs, the rules of the system which apply to them are always subject to modification.


CGB/Trannn respects your privacy. We don't rent or sell your personal information to anyone. Ever.



CGB / Trannn system has its own e-mail system (like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) mailnnn.com, that each member of the system can get their own private email address intended primarily for internal correspondence.