Monthly €1,000 Free of Charge per each profile
or your money worth at least DOUBLE in selected petrol stations!


If you choose to enter the CGB/Trannn platform for consumption through the program nnnFuel, for amounts under €1.000 you can make monthly purchasing of fuel for double value of your payment or even get monthly €1.000 available without any payment at all!

Principles are explained HERE 


PETROL STATIONS (26 countries from Portugal to China) with nnnVouchers/cards:


It is clear that economically conscientious shoppers
shall definitely embrace a new "culture of shopping"
– with nnnVouchers –

The Coalitions are organized and formed on the basis of interest, with the note that CGB/Trannn nnnVouchers are offered with the same benefits through Trade union organizations, Associations, Professional associations, pensioners’ syndicates, etc...